What is BADP?

BADP consists of organic and inorganic compounds that use a special small amount of additives to promote complete biodegradation of polymeric plastics, with no microplastics left at room temperature rather than in high temperature and high humidity industrial composting facility conditions.

How does BADP work?

BADP is an additive that uses microorganisms that decompose plastic and inductive substances that induce microorganisms that decompose plastic, cuts the polymer chain of polymer plastic, and makes it a low molecular weight, and eventually reduces it to natural substances such as water, carbon dioxide, and biomass.

Is BADP safe for food contact?

Yes, BADP has undergone toxicity tests such as seed germination rate tests and earthworm tests and is safe for use in food contact applications in accordance with FDA regulations.

Are BADP-treated plastics biodegradable in landfill?

Yes, BADP-treated plastics are designed to biodegrade in exposed aerobic and anaerobic environments such as landfills. Landfills generate small amounts of methane gas resources.

Are there any harmful by-products?

No, there are no harmful byproducts from BADP products.